Hospice and In-home Euthanasia

Provided in the comfort of your own home

Dr. Brauer provides gentle, compassionate, hospice care and in-home euthanasia for your pet and provides pet owners with better options for letting go of their loved ones.

Please call for an appointment or consultation. Fees are discussed on an individual basis.


Making a pet comfortable during the end-of-live process is a gift for the pet. Common conditions that help with hospice care are chronic kidney failure, osteoarthritis, incontinence, wound care, and cancer of all types.

This process can involve:

Many times, pet owners can learn do to this themselves with periodic exams by Dr. Brauer to ensure things are going well. Regular care and assistance can be arranged if help is needed. Hospice can incorporate other services offered including acupuncture, physical rehabilitation, and therapeutic laser to provide a comprehensive care plan.

In-Home Euthanasia

In-home euthanasia provides the unique opportunity for families to be with their pet in a comfortable and familiar environment during the end-of-life process. Dr. Brauer's goal is to make the process as peaceful as possible for you and your pet.

Pet owners may choose to be outside, in a favorite room, or anywhere that is comfortable for everyone involved. Sedation by injection is given to relax your pet and when you are both ready, a small needle will be placed into a vein, typically the hind leg, with a second sedative given closely followed by the final drug. The injections work quickly, typically within a few minutes. Afterwards, parents will have the opportunity to be with their pet as long as they need.

If families have elected private or communal cremation, Dr. Brauer can assist in the transport. Pets under 50 pounds can be transported to a cremation facility at no additional charge. Larger pets will require transport by a cremation service or in a manner the family will arrange. Dr. Brauer can recommend cremation services if needed, and can contact the family veterinarian of the pet's passing on the next business day.